Screenings 2014


Port Stephens Film Festival 12-14th September 2014

Melbourne Underground Film Festival 12-20th September 2014 

Screening times and locations TBC

Photos from the July Premiere at 107 Projects Redfern. 

All photos by Jeremy Belinfante & Peter Belinfante.

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You’re invited to the premiere! 

To kick things off and reward our 101 pledgers I am happy to announce the premiere screening of the film!

Where: 107 Projects, 107 Redfern St, Redfern
When: 7pm on Sunday 27th July

There will be light refreshments, a screening of the film and an opportunity to collect your crowdfunding goodies.

Check out the eventbrite for details. 




Crowdfunding Updates 2014

UPDATE 20- 1st August 2014

After a successful screening I am happy to say some unexpected thank yous to people that gave private donations.

  • Bob Stevens and Kathy Fischer
  • Francis J Edwards
  • Lorena Cappellone
  • Heather Fernon

Your continued support means the world and has helped us cover the costs of the screening, festival entry fees and shipping costs. This is massively appreciated and our little operation could not go further without you.

Stay tuned to hear about more screenings coming soon!

UPDATE 19 – 8th JUNE – REACHED $3878

Big thanks to our final pledgers

  • Mary Tran
  • Felix Mickiewicz
  • Renee Bosak

I am thrilled to announce we reached our goal! This would have not been possible without all your help.

Stay tuned for announcements regarding the final donation amount and screening dates!

Much love,



Special thanks to our pledgers for the last few days ! You guys are champions!

  • Justin Harvey
  • Cato Klafas
  • Jason Yeung

There is only a few hours left to pledge!! WE ARE SO CLOSE TO 100 SUPPORTERS and our first stretch goal!

schedule post 7 hours


There’s only four days left on the campaign!

Special thanks to those that have kept us going !

As there’s not much time left I cut a brand new trailer featuring the colour grade by Samuel Hutchinson and the beautiful composition by Stephen Layton. Check it out!


UPDATE 16 – 22ND MAY – 100% FUNDED

WE DID IT. We have reached our first goal. I am so thrilled with this. There is still 15 days to go and still 15 days to raise money for more festivals, a bigger donation to Limbs4Life and raise money for our next film! That’s right, we have already written our next film, any donations we receive above $4000 will get our film ‘Driven’ off the ground. Check out the campaign for the updated stretch goals.

Special thanks to Richard Davey whose donation got us over the line!

We wouldn’t have made it this far without the help of all our awesome pledgers that contributed and shared the campaign. It really means a helluva lot.

I was pretty nervous when I released this campaign from my hospital bed the night before my op. It’s bloody great to witness it all happening. Can’t wait to get the film out there! Here’s Iron Clad with some kind words.

thank you pledgers

UPDATE 15 – 16TH MAY -19TH MAY  – 97% FUNDED.

We are so close to tour goal. Big thank you goes to;

  • Cassie Levy
  • Jonathan Field
  • Filipe Lovely
  • Kathryn Grey
  • Frank J Seckold

An extra special thank you goes to Michael Laps who got us even closer to our goal!

Your support really does mean a lot and without it we wouldn’t be at this spot!

Also here is the interview I did with 2SER with host Scott Hodder a few weeks back.

UPDATE 14 – 19TH MAY –  83% FUNDED – $2920

Massive thanks to:

  • Producer Yingna Lu
  • Birgit sützl
  • Cassie Levy

We are so close and there’s only 19 days left to donate! Stay tuned to hear the radio interview I gave on 2SER last Thursday night on the Razor’s Edge with Scott Hodder.


UPDATE 13 – 15TH MAY -80% FUNDED – $2805

Big thanks to :

You guys rock!

Only 23 days to go! Can we make $695 dollars before the time runs out!

Also, I’ll be on 2SER 107.3 TONIGHT AT 7.30 PM promoting the film and talking about feelings.

UPDATE 12 – 12TH MAY – REACHED $2705 – 77% FUNDED

Slowly but surely we are getting there, we are so close to our goal! Big thanks to our pledgers:

  • Madeleine Levins
  • Nicklas Cervin
  • David Mathews
  • Benjamin Marx

Can you ‘Give Stavri a Hand?’, help us reach our goal! Only another $795 to go!

UPDATE 11 – 9TH MAY – REACHED $2648 – 75% funded! 

Big thanks to;

  • Glen Falkenstein
  • Ash Van Dam

We are getting so close and I am super excited to present these rewards to all our contributors.

Remember, if we do not reach our goal, we don’t get one cent from the donations!

UPDATE 10 – 8TH MAY 2014 – REACHD $2528 – We are in the Wentworth Courier!

Joshua Belinfante articleSome big things happening here. First of all we are now 72% funded!

This is a massive milestone and we are so close to 80% !

Massive thanks to

  • Henrietta Barnett
  • Harry Goldberg
  • Producer Jay Rutovitz
  • Steve Meagher.

I also did an interview with 2SER today about my story.

It’s playing tonight around 7.30 pm so tune in to ‘Razor’s Edge on 107.3′ hosted by Scott Hodder.

Thanks for the continued support,

Much love,


Update 9 – 6th May 2014 – REACHED $2378

We are getting closer and closer now.

I was blown away last night with some more donations from some generous folks who are involved in a hilarious experimental comedy group ‘Phuklub.

You should definitely check them out and go to one of their events at the Imperial Hotel at 35 Erskineville Road, Erskineville. Here’s a video showing what they are all about;

So special thanks to the generous donators below.

  • Martin Morgan
  • Scott Dettrick
  • Simon Bosco
  • M Arty B Right
  • Jonathan Lee

You are all champions and your donations mean a whole lot!

We are so close to being 70% funded and because of these donations we are back trending on the front page of ‘film’ on pozible.

pozible trending 2







Can you help us get to 70% ?

Remember to select a reward when you pledge.

Much love,


UDPDATE 8 – 5TH MAY 2014 – REACHED $2112

We are now 60% funded.

This would not have been possible without new donations from

  • Paridhi Jain
  • Elen Irazabel
  • Lovisa Carli

Thank you !

We aren’t out of the woods yet and need all the help we can get. Things are slowing down which is normal during the mid point of any crowdfunding campaign for films.

Please help support independent film.

UPDATE 7- 2ND MAY 2014 – REACHED $2062

We have cracked over $2000 dollars and have come along way from first reaching $200!
We are getting so close to over 60% funded!

This is massive and would not been possible without the help of:

Thanks very much for your generous donations!

There are some exciting updates coming up soon, so stay tuned!

Can you help us reach $2500 ?

Don’t forget to follow us on twitter ——> @puppetstrings14

Like us on facebook ——— > Belinfante Photography 

Check out the campaign at ——> Pozible ——>

Thanks again and much love,


UPDATE 6 – 29TH APRIL 2014 – REACHED $1937


This is a massive achievement.

We were on the front page of Pozible for a few weeks and were the number one trending film as well. Wouldn’t have been possible without the help of:

Another massive thank you to all the contributors for the last few days, your donations have put us one step closer to reaching our goal!

We are getting closer everyday. Together we can do this!

I’d also like to mention that April is ‘Limb Loss Awareness month’ and I’m pretty proud to be involved with Limbs4Life on this project.

Several months ago before I was facing my surgery and before I knew of my illness I was nervous about releasing the campaign. Seeing all the support come from friends and family really means a helluvalot and has done a world of good at keeping me motivated on my road to recovery.

It’s interesting how terrible circumstances can motivate us to do better things with our time . Though it is sad that we sometimes need  experiences like these to realise what is actually important.

I hope that is what I am doing here and that I can use this newfound experience to create positive things from now on.

I have a few exciting announcements coming up so stay tuned! In the mean time check out this shout out from Lonely Kids Club, one of our sponsors on this epic journey. They will be making limited edition T-shirts for any donations above $100 !

If you know anyone that can help get us funded please do pass it forward. It means the world,

Much love,


UPDATE 5 – 24TH APRIL 2014 – REACHED $1657

We’ve reached $1657 for our 15 minute short film!

This would not have been possible without the help of

You’re all champions! Can you help us get to $2000 ?! Follow us on twitter @Puppetstrings14

Much love,


UPDATE 4 – 23RD APRIL 2014 – REACHED $1262


Could not have been achieved without the help of the following awesome donators.

Can you help us get to $1500 ??

Remember that 10% of all donations go to Limbs 4 Life a not for profit which supports people affected by amputation. You can also follow us on Twitter @PuppetStrings14


Joshua Belinfante 


We are so close to $1000!

Could not have been achieved without the generous help of :

Thank you so very much, I am so lucky to have you guys on board this project with me, very excited to get these rewards out too!

We are also the top trending film on Pozible! Check it out

Much love,

Joshua Belinfante









UPDATE 2- 21ST APRIL 2014 – REACHED $465 

I am thrilled to announce that in only one day we have doubled our pledges to $465! I am so thrilled with this result and it would not have been pozible without these donators:

I have linked to some of the work of these fine contributors (if I’ve left you out please send me your stuff and I’ll link it here! 🙂 ) and I hope you all check out their work. I am humbled to have the contributions of some very talented people.

Much love,


UPDATE 1 – 20TH APRIL 2014 – REACHED $200


I am so pleased that we are finally ready for your heartfelt donations. In 11 days we have reached a modest $200 thanks to some very special people.

You all rock my world for getting this ball rolling

Wherever possible I’ll be giving shout outs to other people’s awesome creative blogs and series.

If I’ve left someone’s project out please let me know and I’ll add it here.

Thanks for the support.

Much love,



The sound design and music are almost completed!  The sound design is sounding crisp, the music larger than life. It’s all coming together and I cannot wait to show all of you.

One of the hardest thing I face in making films is deciding on colour grades. Thankfully I have had a few colour graders look at the film for some advice on what direction to take the ‘look’.

I was very thankful to have some time with fellow filmmaker Ellena Filkier today. Another set of eyes this late in the game is a rare and important asset. She gave me the brilliant idea of changing the picture format on my television I was using to test the DVD. Sounds simple but boy oh boy did it make a difference.

We also experienced the difficulties in completing online edits. Lesson learned, mixing animation with live action footage = grading nightmare.  Also,  don’t use ‘Vivid’ on your Sony TVs (if you have one) it will make everything look like a children’s colouring in book. We decided that the film needed minor tweaks, and at the most extreme perhaps a broadcast safe grade, which is what I went on to spend the rest of the day doing!

I met with filmmaker Samuel Hutchinson to discuss authoring the DVD and completing this ‘broadcast safe’ grade on the entire film. I am pleased to announce that Sam will be working on the colour grade. First we are tweaking the colour in Final Cut Pro to get a uniform grade for one particular deadline.  After this first hurdle we will then reconvene and complete a fresh grade in Da Vinci Resolve. Have been looking forwards to this for a long time!!

Stay tuned to hear how you can get involved in the project, be part of the community and give a hand.



Hey guys,

So I’ve spent the better part of a long time going back and forth between edits, test screening early cuts of the film with new cuts of the film trying to work out which way to go to finish this project. It’s a short street to failure if you try and please everyone. One thing that has fascinated me is that the longer cuts of the film seemed to play fine for non-filmmaking audiences.

In terms of gauging a decent reaction/understanding of the content/conceptualisation, these cuts seemed to work best. So I feel I’ve done what is closest to my original intention and also what is closest to ‘leaving the film as it is’. I realised I could edit and re-edit this film for a decade if I really wanted to. But I do not think that is the point of filmmaking. It reaches a point when the film is no longer your baby to mother, and it needs to learn to walk on its own and be seen by an audience rather than kept on a shelf or kept in the crib. Okay enough crappy metaphors. 

At the end of the day the film that should be made is the film closest to the one that I originally wrote. Mixed in with some inevitable, ‘what will the audience think when they watch this scene?’ I conceded quite a lot throughout the creative process and I feel the project has evolved as I’ve involved more and more people. Which is a process that excites me endlessly. Many elements of the story would not have existed without the creative input of cast and crew. I am very pleased with how it has turned out and cannot wait for it to be finished to show all of you. 

So I’ve sent the film to the Amazing sound designer, composer, musician Stephen Layton to provide some cherry-on the top magic. I’ve been busy writing cue sheets for the whole thing which unfortunately totalled 7 pages! So now I am cutting it down and trying to get an overall theme to paint the film with.  You can check out his work here ! 

Hopefully we can have this thing in the can pretty soon!

Then on to festivals. Stay tuned to hear how you can help with that. 





Back in November Lorena Cappellone came back to Sydney to visit so we used the time to record some well overdue voice overs for the film. I was very thrilled with the results and we spent the better part of an afternoon recording. AND, it was her birthday! AND Melbourne Cup day. So naturally we bet on some horses.

After Lorena I then got in contact with the awesome entertainer/radio presenter Christopher Moriarty who agreed to lend his voice/s for the film. I am happy with the results and cannot wait to share them with you all very soon.

I have had a rough cut completed for a few months now but have been busy fine tuning and finessing the edit before sending it to the composer.

I recently re-read my original script and the way the film has turned out has really surprised me. It really is a totally different film than what I originally set out to make. Sometimes it turns out to be something better than you originally anticipated or something else entirely. The next film I make, already in pre-production will be made based on what is on the piece of paper.


Cut Down The Puppet Strings Official Poster 2013



Post-Production Update #1 20th June 2013

Hey everyone,

As you have probably guessed the film has been on hold for quite some time.

I’d like to personally apologize for the delays. Sometimes life happens and other events and circumstances take priority.

BUT. Never fear,  post-production will be re-commencing at the end of this month, June 2013. I have been busy completing my university degrees and a host of other exciting film projects! One of which is a 9 part short documentary series on indigenous storytellers! Unfortunately these tasks have taken over from my editing duties on Puppet Strings, as you can imagine these are quite heavy projects! 

I will be releasing the poster for the film soon to get this ball rolling again. 
In the mean time you can check out the poster designer’s website here:

Thanks for your continued support, feel free to attack me in the comments below ! 


Joshua Belinfante 

Welcome To The Official Cut Down The Puppet Strings Blog!

Here you’ll find the synopsis, treatment, links, photos and videos of the production process for this exciting short film. Bios and more coming soon. For any bookings or screening inquiries please contact Joshua Belinfante

Cut Down The Puppet Strings Trailer from Joshua Belinfante on Vimeo.