The sound design and music are almost completed!  The sound design is sounding crisp, the music larger than life. It’s all coming together and I cannot wait to show all of you.

One of the hardest thing I face in making films is deciding on colour grades. Thankfully I have had a few colour graders look at the film for some advice on what direction to take the ‘look’.

I was very thankful to have some time with fellow filmmaker Ellena Filkier today. Another set of eyes this late in the game is a rare and important asset. She gave me the brilliant idea of changing the picture format on my television I was using to test the DVD. Sounds simple but boy oh boy did it make a difference.

We also experienced the difficulties in completing online edits. Lesson learned, mixing animation with live action footage = grading nightmare.  Also,  don’t use ‘Vivid’ on your Sony TVs (if you have one) it will make everything look like a children’s colouring in book. We decided that the film needed minor tweaks, and at the most extreme perhaps a broadcast safe grade, which is what I went on to spend the rest of the day doing!

I met with filmmaker Samuel Hutchinson to discuss authoring the DVD and completing this ‘broadcast safe’ grade on the entire film. I am pleased to announce that Sam will be working on the colour grade. First we are tweaking the colour in Final Cut Pro to get a uniform grade for one particular deadline.  After this first hurdle we will then reconvene and complete a fresh grade in Da Vinci Resolve. Have been looking forwards to this for a long time!!

Stay tuned to hear how you can get involved in the project, be part of the community and give a hand.



Hey guys,

So I’ve spent the better part of a long time going back and forth between edits, test screening early cuts of the film with new cuts of the film trying to work out which way to go to finish this project. It’s a short street to failure if you try and please everyone. One thing that has fascinated me is that the longer cuts of the film seemed to play fine for non-filmmaking audiences.

In terms of gauging a decent reaction/understanding of the content/conceptualisation, these cuts seemed to work best. So I feel I’ve done what is closest to my original intention and also what is closest to ‘leaving the film as it is’. I realised I could edit and re-edit this film for a decade if I really wanted to. But I do not think that is the point of filmmaking. It reaches a point when the film is no longer your baby to mother, and it needs to learn to walk on its own and be seen by an audience rather than kept on a shelf or kept in the crib. Okay enough crappy metaphors. 

At the end of the day the film that should be made is the film closest to the one that I originally wrote. Mixed in with some inevitable, ‘what will the audience think when they watch this scene?’ I conceded quite a lot throughout the creative process and I feel the project has evolved as I’ve involved more and more people. Which is a process that excites me endlessly. Many elements of the story would not have existed without the creative input of cast and crew. I am very pleased with how it has turned out and cannot wait for it to be finished to show all of you. 

So I’ve sent the film to the Amazing sound designer, composer, musician Stephen Layton to provide some cherry-on the top magic. I’ve been busy writing cue sheets for the whole thing which unfortunately totalled 7 pages! So now I am cutting it down and trying to get an overall theme to paint the film with.  You can check out his work here ! 

Hopefully we can have this thing in the can pretty soon!

Then on to festivals. Stay tuned to hear how you can help with that. 





Back in November Lorena Cappellone came back to Sydney to visit so we used the time to record some well overdue voice overs for the film. I was very thrilled with the results and we spent the better part of an afternoon recording. AND, it was her birthday! AND Melbourne Cup day. So naturally we bet on some horses.

After Lorena I then got in contact with the awesome entertainer/radio presenter Christopher Moriarty who agreed to lend his voice/s for the film. I am happy with the results and cannot wait to share them with you all very soon.

I have had a rough cut completed for a few months now but have been busy fine tuning and finessing the edit before sending it to the composer.

I recently re-read my original script and the way the film has turned out has really surprised me. It really is a totally different film than what I originally set out to make. Sometimes it turns out to be something better than you originally anticipated or something else entirely. The next film I make, already in pre-production will be made based on what is on the piece of paper.


Cut Down The Puppet Strings Official Poster 2013



Post-Production Update #1 20th June 2013

Hey everyone,

As you have probably guessed the film has been on hold for quite some time.

I’d like to personally apologize for the delays. Sometimes life happens and other events and circumstances take priority.

BUT. Never fear,  post-production will be re-commencing at the end of this month, June 2013. I have been busy completing my university degrees and a host of other exciting film projects! One of which is a 9 part short documentary series on indigenous storytellers! Unfortunately these tasks have taken over from my editing duties on Puppet Strings, as you can imagine these are quite heavy projects! 

I will be releasing the poster for the film soon to get this ball rolling again. 
In the mean time you can check out the poster designer’s website here:

Thanks for your continued support, feel free to attack me in the comments below ! 


Joshua Belinfante 

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